Ayla Bio


I’m so grateful you have taken time out of your day to stop by!

Lets jump right in so you can get to know me and hopefully, I get to know you as well!

I was raised in the real estate business. My Mom (the other half of this amazing blog) single-handedly learned how to be a real estate investor when I was just a baby to avoid putting me in daycare because I was literally that cool of a kid.  😉

Anywho, being raised by a strong, independent, entrepreneurial woman has landed me this great gig in life also being strong, independent, and entrepreneurial! I have her to thank a million times over for being such a great example to me and also my present-day best friend.

I now work for myself as The Money Maker Extraordinaire by hosting monthly webinars to help fellow entrepreneurs and investors learn different ways and strategies to make money and ultimately increase the freedom in their lives. E-mail me to join my list and expand your knowledge: AskAylaDiamond@gmail.com

It is the greatest gig for me because I love to host and it also gives me a lot of freedom in my life just as well.

Which leads me to my next point… I am a writer, world traveler, backpacker, runner, nature enthusiast, poet, wild woman all rolled into one! Listed there are my ultimate passions in life.

I write on all social media platforms (Instagram), I train for long distance backpacking trips, and I am intrigued by every aspect of this beautiful world. If I’m lucky enough, I will be able to visit every country! That is the dream.

I have worked hard to live a semi-retired life so that I can fuel my passions and this is where we leave off. I hope I have inspired you, even just a little, to tune in with me.

Follow my travel, hiking, running, writing adventures and even my business side.

And one last note (since you’ve made it this far), always remember your strength and have the courage to be you! It is so important to live life authentically. There have been so many times I have compromised that for myself!

I have learned lessons I sometimes wondered why I was the one magically selected for such a spectrum of hardships. Just know, you’re not alone and I am also, in return, here to listen to you!

Ask me any questions, lets interact!